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Neighbourhood Plan

I’m delighted to advise you that the village voted a tremendous 82% in favour for NSDC to adopt our village Neighbourhood Plan.
This will now form part of NSDC’s decision making process in all future village planning applications.

Some 69 % of eligible voters in line with the National picture of participation voted .

It’s an appropriate time to place on record my deep thanks for all the hard work of the Steering Group on behalf of the Parish Council comprising the following villagers :

Angela Bracegirdle 
Jim Carter 
Julia Gunn 
Rachel Hinchley 
Granville May 
Chrissie Wilson 
& Our Consultants  Andrew Towlerton Associates 

The Plan document  will now be made final by NSDC & provided to us for retention & publication on the Parish Council Website.

Thank you for your participation in this important development in protecting & enhancing our Village .

Raoul Clarke Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 


The Referendum version of the Plan

The following documents were published as part of the consultation of the  draft Epperstone draft Neighbourhood Plan from 7th of December 2018- 1st February 2019 & remain in the interests of transparency .

They have been superseded from 8th May 2019 by the Epperstone Neighbourhood Plan “ Submission Documents” available as advised below.


Community Engagement Drop-in Events

July 2015 Key Outcomes

July 2016 Key Outcomes

Pre Submission July 2017 Key Outcomes