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Epperstone Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

The following documents were published as part of the consultation of the  draft Epperstone draft Neighbourhood Plan from 7th of December 2018- 1st February 2019 & remain in the interests of transparency .

They have been superseded from 8th May 2019 by the Epperstone Neighbourhood Plan “ Submission Documents” available as advised below.

Community Engagement Drop-in Events

July 2015 Key Outcomes

July 2016 Key Outcomes

Pre Submission July 2017 Key Outcomes


Epperstone Parish Council has submitted a Neighbourhood Plan proposal under the Town and Country Planning Neighbourhood Planning ( General ) Regulations 2012( reg 15).
The Plan sets out a vision for Epperstone Parish and establishes the type of development needed to help sustain the community.

The Draft Epperstone Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation for 8 weeks from 7th December 2018 to 7th February 2019.
The comments and views received were carefully considered ,and used to finalise the Submission Draft.
The analysis of this  consultation including a summary of the comments, and how these have been used to shape the Plan is included in the documents available from below .

The Plan ,Supporting evidence ,and documents can be inspected in the following ways :

*At NSDC Offices Castle House ,Great North Road,Newark ,Notts NG 24  1 BY between 9am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.
* Viewed at the District Council website : 

If you have any comments on the Neighbourhood Plan ,please respond by email to planning.policy@nsdc.info.
Emails are preferred but you may comment in writing to the Planning Policy Business Unit at the above address .

All responses must be received no later than 5.0pm on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

The District Council has determined that the legal requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations are complied with .
Following the consultation period the Plan will be examined by an Independent Examiner, who will report to the District Council .They in consultation with the Parish Council will decide what action to take ,and if to go forward to “ make “ the Neighbourhood Plan.
This will include the opportunity for all Parishioners to take part in a referendum prior to the Plan becoming part of the Development Plan for the District.

Thank you for participating in this process .
Raoul Clarke 
Chairman of the Epperstone Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.


Following this consultation, it was found that the a supporting paper to the plan the ‘Basic Condition Statement’ requires alterations to be made in order for it to comply with national policy.It is therefore necessary to run the Regulation16 consultation again ,with an amended Basic Condition Statement.
Only the Basic Condition Statement has been altered - the Epperstone Parish Draft Neighbourhood Plan is not affected and remains the same as it was in the first Regulation 16 consultation .

Please note that if you have already submitted representations on the Epperstone Draft Neighbourhood Plan ,you should not resubmit them.Your original representation will be taken into consideration and you do not need to repeat it .Please submit further representations only if feel it necessary in light of the new Basic Condition Statement. 

The Plan ,the amended Basic Condition Statement, accompanying documents and the response form are available on the NSDC website as originally advised above .

Any comments may also be made as shown above .

Comments on the current consultation must be received no later than 5pm on Thursday 8th August 2019.

Any representations may include a request to be notified of NSDC decision on making of the plan under Regulation 19 of the above.

Thank you again for  your participation in this process . 
Raoul Clarke 
Chairman of the Epperstone Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 
26th June 2019.