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Epperstone Manor Development - 106 agreement

By Chrissie Wilson Epperstone Parish Council

Thursday, 9 August 2018


Epperstone Parish Council Contributor


Dear Villagers

I am pleased to inform you that after a very protracted period, N&SDC and Epperstone Development Limited (EDL), have now formally agreed and signed the Deed of Transfer of the Manor Field (which was the Police cricket field at the Manor), such that it is now under the ownership of N&SDC. It is their intention, as has always been expected, that it will then be transferred into the Parish Council’s ownership. The 106 Agreement is a legal document that was part of the original planning approval granted to EDL, but it has been subsequently amended a few times. The original Agreement had a significant sum of money that was to be paid towards the upkeep of the field, this is now not included in the final agreement that the parties have signed.

The plan below shows the location and boundaries of the Manor Field that has been transferred. Once it has been transferred to the Parish Council we will, in consultation with the villagers, decide what we should do with the field and how we should manage it. It’s formal status is as a recreational field. 

However from now onwards we can use the field for recreational purposes and walk through it. This will now provide a link from the public footpath at the bottom of the field, going up through the field to West Manor Park. This is a very attractive short circular walk that we can now all enjoy. 

There is still some associated outstanding work to be done by EDL. This is mainly in relation to providing a post and rail fence on the northern boundary with their land, provision of the field maintenance access from WMP and some adjustment to the footpath fencing.

I trust that many of you will now be able to enjoy this attractive addition to the public open spaces of our lovely village.

The Parish Council would like to hear the views and ideas for the field from the village regarding the Manor Field. Please provide them to the Parish Clerk  or one of the Parish Councillors. Contact details are on the Parish Council website and the Parish Council notice board.

Kind regards
Paul Bracegirdle 
Chair  Epperstone Parish Council 

Contact Information

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  • 01623 238712

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